Sistema Integral

de control y acreditación para la minería

The Access Control system to Mine, SICAM, es un conjunto de herramientas en las que interactúan hardware y software para entregar un control de acceso al cliente con una solución integral de mejoramiento en control y seguridad de accesos a faena.

Our System will Control Access to the Mine is a management software responsible for configuring, monitoring, and integrate the portals of access in a web application user friendly and easy to use from any device, whether a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. Among the functionalities of the software highlights:

  • Management of documentation of people.
  • Management of documentation of vehicles.
  • Management of documentation and contractor Companies.
  • Complete management of access passes.
  • Management of contracts.
  • Management of shifts and schedules.
  • Locks.
  • Reports.

Nueva Innovación


En la búsqueda continua de ir mejorando nuestras soluciones en conjunto a las problemáticas de la industria, es que hemos mejorado nuestra solución SICAM adaptándola a una plataforma móvil.

In the control System of Access to mine each portal access can be configured by adding and removing peripherals according to customer's need. Some of the peripherals included are:

  • Barriers of Access.
  • Traffic lights.
  • Turnstiles.
  • IP cameras.
  • RFID readers.
  • QR Code readers.
  • Sensors.
  • PDA for security guards.



Request to Pass

Documentation of persons, vehicles, contracts and company.

Review of Passes

Review of documents, Approval of passes


Document identity Pass printed Card TAG QR code


Valid passport Documentation current The absence of blockages


Opening barrier Unlock tourniquet Activation of other peripherals.



- Portals access control self-employed.
- Drive peripheral made for the system.


- Access control rules that are universal.
- Item of personal identification standard.

Online management

- PC, Smartphone (Android, iOS), Tablets, etc
- System operable from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.


- Historical records.
- The amount of people and vehicles at the site.
- Access reports.


- Automatic alerts to prompt expiration date passes and/or documents.



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